For the record, I’m a girl who dates girls. I’m used to a distinct lack of representation in popular media, especially for main characters. When it comes to “shipping” for most of the shows and movies that I watch, it’s certainly fun to route for a same-sex hookup between two characters, but it usually stays just a thought-experiment or wishful thinking.

Back in S1 of Korra, I never really paid any mind to “Korrasami” for just that reason. It seemed firmly in the “crack-shipping” category, and there were officially zero signs that it could ever be more than that. I assumed that if Bryan and Mike wanted have LGBT representation in Korra, it would be through Bumi or Kya, or even some later-introduced secondary character (if at all).  

Then. This. Season. Happened. Whether their relationship remains strictly platonic or not doesn’t really concern me. What’s clear is that they have a very deep, intimate relationship, one that is just as meaningful and intense as any romantic relationship. It has been so delightful this year to have watched it be developed and come into its own. There’s mutual respect, love, and trust between them, and their significance in each other’s lives are such that the most poignant and emotionally substantial character moment for Korra this entire season came in a scene between the two. So for me, this “ship,” which started out as nothing more than a wild fantasy in the minds of a few, has become un-tethered and is firmly flying high.

Who wants season 4 already?